Jumbo Cinema

Jumbo Cinema - Showcase

Description #

A multiplayer Virtual World, where you can chat, play games and watch Youtube videos simultaneously with your friends, like if you were in a theater.

Makes use of standard web technologies such as Adobe Flash Player, Javascript and HTML.

Details #

Client: Justin Seeney (via ISO Interactive)
When: November 2014 – March 2015
Role: Back-end and Web Programmer
Team: Troy Hipolito (Project Manager),
Carl Lydon (Designer, Front-end Programmer),
URL: http://www.jumbocinema.com/

Highlights #

SmartFoxServer 2X (aka SFS2X):

The latest iteration of the SmartFoxServer product, is a java-based socket server known for supporting multiple platforms, with flexible server-side customization and great performance under heavy load.

Was used to power the avatar movement and chat, balance the user load by multiple rooms and synchronize Youtube video reproduction between all the users.

PyroCMS:JumboCinema - PyroCMS

PyroCMS is a powerful open-source Content Management System, known for being lightweight, having a modular architecture and community driven plugins.

Was used to provide an user friendly administration tool able to upload and edit the existing content (e.g. avatar hairstyles, clothing, movie posters, etc.), manage the advertisements and moderating the user accounts (e.g. banning).

To achieve this, custom modules were developed, featuring file uploading and user social network name extracting to help on customer support.

Youtube Integration:

Youtube was selected as the content provider for all the videos in Jumbo Cinema.

By using Youtube‘s ActionScript 3.0 API, it enabled to embed a player inside cinema room and control its playback, to synchronize it with the other users.

Additionally, it provided access to Youtube‘s search engine, which made possible to search for new videos without the need of leaving the website and breaking the experience.

Social Network Integration:

As sign in options, Jumbo Cinema supports Facebook and Google.

Opting for signing in with a social network instead of the classic username and password, makes it much simpler for new users to join and also makes it more secure, by not storing any user credentials in the system.

It is also possible to invite friends to a theater room, by sharing a custom URL via Facebook and Twitter. When clicking on this URL, it automatically joins the correspondent theater room.

Gallery #

Showcase Video #


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