CultureBump’s Android app

CultureBump's Android app - Showcase

Description #

An educational Android app where you can compare common behaviors in university classrooms between the USA and countries from all over the world like Canada, Brazil, France and Japan. These behaviors include day to day situations such as arriving late to class and respect to the professor.

Was developed using Java, as a native Android app, with no additional frameworks.

Details #

Client: Culture Bump (via ISO Interactive)
When: March 2015 – April 2015
Role: Solo Programmer
Team: Troy Hipolito (Project Manager)
URL: Google Play Store

Highlights #

Drag & Pinch Map:

For each continent, instead of selecting a country from a list, the user is presented with a map, which can be dragged and pinched around, to find the flag of each country.

This makes the app more appealing and also teaches each country’s geographical location.

Gallery #


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