Circle1Network’s Kidscom

Circle1Network's Kidscom - Showcase

Description #

A multiplayer Virtual World for kids, where you can chat, play games, tame a virtual pet, participate in events and so on. It also serves as an educational tool, where students can communicate with their teachers, test their knowledge and get rewarded for their performance.

Makes use of standard web technologies, such as HTML and Javascript, Adobe Flash Player and JSP.

Details #

Client: Circle 1 Network (via ISO Interactive)
When:  March 2014 – May 2014
Role: Solo Programmer

Highlights #

Youtube Integration:

In order to provide a new way of creating and sharing content among the other students and teachers, a new form called “Record Me a Video” was created, where students could submit original Youtube videos. These videos would then appear on their homepage. Additionally, a teacher could reward the student with some in-game currency for the hard work.

When clicking on a student’s video, it opens a popup window with the embedded Youtube video, so the user doesn’t need to navigate away from the website.

Gallery #


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